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The undersigned hereby certifies the above information is correct: that it is submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit and the undersigned agrees to all the Terms and Conditions of sales of O'Neal 手机博彩软件app, LLC. In effect of the date sale occurs. Terms and Conditions can be found in link above.The undersigned also authorizes representatives of O'Neal 手机博彩软件app, LLC to inquire of principal trade creditors, banks, or other credit references to obtain information both initially and in the future for credit decision purposes In addition, the undersigned specifically authorizes representatives of O'Neal 手机博彩软件app, LLC to answer questions from other about the credit experience 手机博彩软件下载the undersigned.


Thank you for submitting the application. Someone will be in touch 手机博彩软件下载you shortly

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Send an email to credit-application@hbhsg.com 手机博彩软件下载your Tax Exception Certificate.

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